• Website Conversion Strategy to Boost Sales

    I develop a winning website conversion strategy for your Chinese brand.

  • Why You Should Care about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Even the highest converting and most beautiful sites can always be improved. Through CRO you will be able to refine your website, conversion process and ensure you are getting the right kind of traffic. Through enhancing your conversion processes, you will not only be improving the visitors’ online experience but also lowering your acquisition costs to maximize profits.
    Winning conversion rate optimization strategies result in more website sales or leads per month - without needing more traffic.

  • Overview of My Services That Increase Website Conversion Rates

    Get more international website leads and real sales from your same traffic level!

    Website Conversion - User Experience

    User Experience (UX)

    Embrace the value of User-Centered Design

    During the CRO process, I go through the site as if I were a first-time visitor looking to convert. I will test your site to see if the conversion process is easy to understand and whether it is intuitive from a customer point of view.

    Conversion Funnel Analysis

    Conversion Funnel Analysis

    Fix conversion leaks

    I help you find out why your visitors aren’t converting and help identify any potential barriers within your funnel. I review your website for 100′s of best practices – giving you many recommendations to quickly improve your website sales or leads, without needing more traffic. My highly actionable conversion reviews come with analytics insights reports, wireframe mockups, and a Skype follow-up session. I come up with fixes for your website conversion leaks to engage and convert many more visitors into sales.

    Experiment Generation

    A/B testing for boosting conversion rates

    Experiment Generation

    I offer high-impact A/B testing conversion services for websites with high traffic levels. A/B testing is vital for finding which versions of your content convert the most visitors into sales or leads. I will define concerns users may have. I will formulate hypotheses and design the experiments accordingly.

    Conversion Research

    Conversion research

    Discover what your visitors really want and what converts them more

    Conversion optimization is very hard without genuinely knowing your visitors, their needs and frustrations on your website. Without research, you will just be guessing at this and conversion will be disappointing. My conversion research gives you a comprehensive view of your visitors and how to turn them into sales more often.

  • Strikingly Website Builder

    You Should Know The Strikingly Website Builder

    Proven conversion results with websites running on Strikingly and SXL.cn

  • How I Develop Winning Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

    I am a website conversion specialist for Chinese companies seeking leads and sales from overseas. In developing a website conversion strategy for my client, I typically go through four phases:



    Why reinvent the wheel when there is no need to? If you optimize without data, you might end up with something decent, but more than likely you’ll be wasting time and effort.

    I collect and analyze various stored (big) data — from tech stats and analytics to in-depth customer feedback and live user session recordings. This allows me to create a hypothesis on what should be done to grow your bottom line immediately.



    Now that we have the data, the fun can begin. For example, I may notice that a large percentage of users abandon the shopping cart on the third page of the checkout. So we theorize that a single-page checkout will cut down on cart abandonment, then build and deploy the new checkout.

    I prioritize tests based on what will “move the needle” the quickest, delivering the most significant results. Your site probably has a lot of low-hanging fruit just waiting to be improved upon.



    No matter whether a test result is a “win” or a “loss,” there’s always the positive effect of learning from the test result.

    Obviously, a 100% winning score would be fantastic, but even if a test fails, we’ll build on what we learned. I evaluate test results at the end of every cycle of the conversion rate optimization process, meaning the next test will have an even better chance of winning.



    The great thing about website conversion (CRO) is that no matter how well you may think your site is doing, a conversion optimization consultant like I am always finds things to be improved.


    Repeating the cycle of collecting data, testing, and evaluating means that your revenue will grow month over month.

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    Next to website conversion, global SEO and international content marketing, are the other two pillars in my complete SEO management solutions.

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