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  • Why You Should Know Strikingly and SXL.cn

    Strikingly (and its Chinese sister SXL.cn) is the best website builder for anyone to build a gorgeous, mobile-friendly website easily. Quick, simple and stylish. It leverages on the progressive JavaScript framework, suited for creating modern web interfaces.


    Probably the coolest part: Unlike for example Squarespace (more on Strikingly vs Squarespace here), the Strikingly website platform works exceptionally well and loads fast in both Greater China as well as the Rest of the World.

  • Use SEO to Become One of The Best Strikingly Websites

    I am the #1 Strikingly specialist from Amsterdam. I help you improve the search engine rankings of your Strikingly and SXL.cn website. Let me guide you in making your online presence one of the best Strikingly websites out there.

    Strikingly Specialist | SXL.cn Specialist

    Strikingly Specialist

    Best one-page website builder

    I am one of the first SEO experts to specialize in the Strikingly website builder platform. Doing SEO projects for Strikingly websites since 2017, I am now a leading Strikingly SEO expert as well as an SXL.cn SEO specialist.


    In my personal opinion, compared to its competitors, Strikingly makes it much easier to put a site together with zero to little experience in coding and design.

    Strikingly Review

    Strikingly Review

    Great platform for international SEO

    Strikingly is a responsive website builder with a unique focus on smartphone-centric single page websites. Strikingly is something of a niche product with its emphasis on long, scrolling sites for the mobile generation.


    My brief Strikingly review: What makes it unique is that it is the only website builder that comes in both English (strikingly.com) and Chinese (sxl.cn). This makes it the perfect platform for those entrepreneurs that want to tap into the Chinese market and vice versa.


    Strikingly is a profitable and well-funded startup from China founded by David Chen.

    SYIL.com is one of the best Strikingly Websites


    Access to the world's largest online market: China

    SXL.cn is basically the Chinese version of Strikingly. In Chinese it is called Shang Xian Le (上线了), it literally means got online or published. Although I cannot speak Mandarin, I do master the SXL.cn interface as it is exactly the same as Strikingly, and I can get your site optimized for the Chinese target audience.

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