SEO359 offers Chinese SMEs all the tools needed to sell outside China and get more sales orders. A Magento PWA combined with a suite of Digital Marketing solutions. Packaged as a monthly service.

Depending on your business needs, we select a website or PWA and a set of digital marketing activities. We bundle them together in an all-in-one solution. And you pay for it as a monthly service.


Not ready for online commerce yet? Start your international journey with a robust presentation of your website. We build a professional blazing fast online presence in both China and the international market, using the Strikingly and platform.


Both your international and your Chinese language website will have the exact same look and feel. And both sites can be managed from a Chinese admin interface.


We build your own multinational, multicurrency, and multilingual eCommerce store, so you can seamlessly manage your global business from one single platform.

What you get is a fully managed software-as-a-service implementation of a Magento 2 powered shop with a next-gen PWA frontend. And it is available as B2C and B2B, depending on your business needs.

Your Magento 2 + PWA SaaS ecommerce solution runs on an AWS server in Hong Kong, to ensure fast speed for both the end-user and you as the store owner.

You will have all the tools and integrations you need to run and operate your online shop, in a modern and reliable solution.

Sell everywhere, automate your operations, increase conversions and focus on your business, not the technology behind it.

Our service covers a complete design setup, migration assistance from existing platform and a powerful suite of modules for all advanced business needs.

SEO359 offers you this as a monthly package. How great is that! Monthly subscription includes platform license fee, complete Magento & security updates, monitoring and support.



Rank Better, Grow Faster, with SEO
Using data-driven insights and our inherent understanding of the luxury market, SEO359 creates bespoke strategies dependent on your business objectives. From technical to content SEO, we understand how to combine opportunity alongside audience profiling to not just increase organic traffic but to drive quality traffic that converts.



Scale your Business with PPC
We run activities across Paid Search, Paid Social, and Digital & Programmatic Buying. With people-based marketing techniques at the core of our strategies, we build the right campaign around your audience to connect with them in meaningful moments and deploy non-last click attribution models to help you realize the effectiveness of your activity.



Evolve your business with Social Media Marketing
We craft performance-first strategies for our brands, by positioning your brand the right way on social media. Through immersing ourselves with your brand, and matching our creative approach and best in class social media practises and strategies, we will help you elevate your brand on social media; organic and paid.



Now, you may think it is very expensive to launch a solid international website or webstore. Well, we have good news for you. It is truly affordable. We believe every customer is unique, so depending on your type of business, available resources to support growth, and more we propose you our all-in-one Go Global solution. As a result, the monthly fee is not fixed, and may vary a bit. But we can give you a typical figure that applies to a Chinese SME:

  1. Set-up fee: US$ 1,000 to $1,500
  2. Monthly fee: US$ 1,000 to US$ 2,000

custom quote

Interested? Contact SEO359 by sending an email to We will review your current website and marketing and make a custom proposal for your company. Free of charge, always.

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