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  • Performance-based SEO Proposal

    My SEO offer typically is based on a retainer plus a performance incentive

    SEO Goals

    SEO Goals

    visibility, traffic and ROI

    What is the benefit of an SEO strategy? While many companies accept the need for SEO, many are still mystified by what SEO really provides. Being able to prove ROI to my Chinese clients is essential to success. And to determine ROI, it is crucial to set SEO goals you can fulfill with an SEO strategy. I typically set goals for visibility, traffic, and ROI.

    SEO KPIs

    SEO KPIs

    measuring SEO success​

    The SEO KPIs that I prefer to use in SEO projects are designed to go beyond merely tracking ranking for a narrow set of keywords. Instead, I look at the impact on organic traffic (awareness), the relevance of traffic (engagement) and the quality, and how likely this traffic is to result in a sale, a qualified lead or conversion of any sort.

    SEO Deliverables

    SEO Deliverables

    delivering ROI

    If someone isn’t spending their days knees deep in Google Search Console, it’s most likely that they do not understand a lot about the complexity of SEO. Therefore, when sending over SEO deliverables to my Chinese clients, explaining what they are getting, why they are getting it, and how I did it is critical and a core focus in my client communication.


  • The Search Marketing Specialist for Chinese Brands Going Global

    I help Chinese brands getting more traffic, leads, and sales from search engines like Google and Bing.

    SEO audit, SEO action plan, keyword map

    content audit service, content strategy

    conversion research, A/B testing

    Strikingly is your #1 choice when simplicity matters.

    Read my blog about Chinese brands and how they use global SEO for better rankings.

  • About Me

    I am an SEO specialist from Amsterdam with relevant China experience. Notably, I am a pioneer in the Strikingly and SXL.cn website platform.

  • Digital specialists are a strange breed.

    So am I.

    I put your target audience first.

    I make a plan before I test and optimize.

    I prefer to rely on data, less on feelings.

    I believe in the power of Call To Action.

    I am not a bad writer myself actually.

    I am good at usability and user experience in general.

    I do like data and testing, every day.

    I like to break rules.

    Limited capacity

    I only service a handful of companies at a time. This is my way of ensuring quality and success for each of my clients.


    I master SEO for English and Dutch language websites. I do have the experience and skills to SEO optimize sites in other languages (like Mandarin, German, Spanish), however, I co-work with local-language specialists in that case.



    SEO359 is the name of my boutique search engine optimization shop based in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


    I am result-driven. That is why I enjoy working with clients that measure my costs against the results and appreciate to pay performance-based.


    I solely focus on offering full SEO management for Chinese companies that want to go global. Contact me today to find out how I can help you.



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