• SEO Case Study 2018

    SYIL has seen a 265% increase in organic traffic

  • Global SEO Success for syil.com

    SYIL, a Chinese maker of CNC machines uses SEO to go global and get B2B leads from its website.

    The Company

    SYIL goes global with a winning global SEO strategy

    SYIL, a family-owned company from China, makes precision CNC machine tools for milling and turning purposes. Since its founding more than 15 years ago, the company has supplied over 12,000 machines worldwide to individuals, small startups and large corporations.


    To fuel its international growth SYIL launched an English B2B website on www.syil.com several years ago.

    The Challenge

    SYIL approached SEO359, after using a number of Chinese agencies and consultants over the years, who had provided both technical and content marketing services with fairly limited impact.


    SYIL's webpages were not ranking for any high volume key phrases and organic traffic was limited. The main objective SYIL gave me was to implement a B2B SEO strategy that leads to an increase in organic traffic and helps SYIL improve international business.

    The Solution

    I performed thorough keyword research which used learnings of competitor's paid search campaigns, before auditing the website and providing full onsite SEO recommendations.


    My B2B SEO strategy included prioritized recommendations for improving the overall website information architecture, the internal link structure, consolidating some existing content, re-aligning pages and creating new landing pages for target search queries. In particular, I focused on optimizing page titles, meta descriptions and semantics.


    For content, I worked alongside SYIL's internal marketing team to help refresh their content strategy to target relevant audiences across the web with sharable content. This content campaign would increase brand awareness, as well as drive referral traffic, links and social shares.


    What really made the difference was the successful implementation of an online quote calculator. This created a huge jump in qualified sales leads from around the world.

    The Results

    SYIL experienced an instant and continuous growth in organic visits within the first three months of the SEO project.

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    The SEO case study of SYIL Machine Corp. shows how SEO can truly bring new traffic, leads and customers from overseas. Connect with me to learn what SEO can bring to your Chinese brand.

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