• International Content Marketing for Increased Engagement

    I create a digital content strategy that will boost your Chinese brand's online engagement. ​

  • Why You Need a Digital Content Strategy for Your Global Websites

    Content is being created at such a massive scale that even superb content can be lost in the noise on the web today. That is why your content for your Chinese brand needs to be unique, compelling and have a real purpose.


    International content marketing is the backbone of all my global SEO and link building strategies in particular. As content plays such a significant role in search engine scoring, attracting backlinks, buzz, and social sharing. Fact is that international content marketing is a proven strategy for generating leads, increasing sales and building engagement with your global customers.

  • Overview of My International Content Marketing Services

    From content inventory audit to digital content strategy advise, I am your digital content consultant.

    Content Audit Checklist

    Content Inventory Audit

    You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you are

    An audit of the content inventory is the cornerstone of the digital content strategy, which governs international content marketing. The objective is to perform a qualitative analysis (including e.g. correct use of capital letters in titles) of all the content on your website(s). A content audit, using my content audit checklist, for SEO includes a comprehensive overview of all content that is indexable on your domain, which is then analyzed using performance metrics from a variety of sources to determine which material to keep as-is, which to improve, and which to remove or consolidate.

    Content Marketing

    Digital Content Strategy Advice

    How to use content to meet your business goals.

    A digital content strategy is the planning, publication, promotion, and management of your content-related assets. If copywriting and international content marketing are about what to create, a digital content strategy is about how to use the content to meet the overall business goals. Creating valuable content, both onsite and through online channels is essential to reach your target audience & influence them. I will work with your Chinese brand, developing the digital content strategy built around your objectives.

    Target audience

    Audience, Personas & Journey

    More than a basic snapshot of your customers

    You must first have a clear understanding of your target audiences and their various journeys to build a coherent online content strategy. I help create a clearer picture of your customer, personas & journey to get that understanding.

    Content Ideation

    Content Ideation & Schedules

    A fantastic idea is the heartwood of any content campaign

    I will work with you to research content ideas that connect your Chinese brand, objectives and target audience. Then we map your content against not just the audience, but also their journey and online channels to reach them.

    Link Building and Outreach


    Incorporate blogger outreach with your link building strategy

    Even the most superb online content can be lost on the web today. Content only performs well when people know about it. I connect your brand & content with key online influencers and bloggers to get people talking about your brand.

    Social Media Promotion

    Social Promotion

    Increase your brand's online visibility

    While the search engines are still in their infancy in understanding & using social signals algorithmically in ranking, it's essential to reach your audience across all channels & amplify your content & message. I help advise on social strategy, reaching target audiences on the platforms on which they reside and making sure influencers share your message. Leveraging on one of the best social media management tools available on the market today, I also help you execute social media efforts.

  • International Content Marketing for SYIL CNC Machine Corp.

    Read How I Improved the Content Inventory

    for SYIL Machine Corporation in less than six months.

  • My Approach to International Content Marketing

    International content marketing is no longer an option. It's simply a must. Users and search engines like Google want to know what truly makes your website unique. From awareness to conversion, I craft your story in a way that engages users and builds your Chinese brand.



    I audit your industry and competitors to come up with a customized strategy for you. Keyword research and latest industry trends guide the content creation.



    I get to know your ideal customer and target audience’s buying process through various search queries and interests.



    Telling your Chinese brand’s true story allows your company to come to life and earns the trust of potential clients from overseas.



    Where are most of your customers online? Facebook? Linkedin? I pinpoint the best channels to promote your content where it will have the most impact.



    For this stage, I rely on your preferred team of writers, editors and designers create timeless, engaging content.



    Getting the word out about your content is one thing. Strategically getting the word out about your brand via terrific content promotion is what truly matters.



    Learning from past promotions and content creation is essential. I keep what works and improve what doesn’t.

  • Content That Users Share and Search Engines Rank​

    As a digital content specialist, I can help your Chinese brand with a winning international content marketing approach. Contact me today if you are eager to know more about how a digital content strategy can boost online engagement on your website.

  • Other Services

    My services are powerful alone, but work even better when used together. So, read more about how I can help you with global SEO and website conversion.

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