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Growth Hacking Strategy

We help small Chinese companies with their international strategy and growth execution.

Growth hacking is an approach to growing your business through very data-driven and structured marketing. Ultimately, it's about knowing where your current bottlenecks are and how to systematically eliminate them. It sounds simple, but keeping things simple is usually a big challenge. We do not distract ourselves (and our clients) with work that does not contribute to the end goal. The key is to take a structured approach and run experiments. This approach reduces your risks and ensures you take action.

Without proper growth strategies, it is almost impossible to realize the full potential of your business. Growth is tactical and must be done for the right reasons - so a systematic approach is essential. So what can you gain from it?

  • Improve your customer knowledge
  • Keep your team focused and aligned towards a common goal
  • Have a strategic action plan to achieve your business growth.

Growth hacking consultancy

In the world of marketing, growth hacking is an umbrella term that can be used for strategies that focus on rapid growth. It is usually applied to early-stage startups that need to achieve massive growth in a short period of time and with a small budget (think Lean Startup). This is not necessarily about gaining tons of users or customers - it's more about bringing as many people to your platform as possible while spending very little money at each step; because you know what they say, "More friends lead us to success." We will help you create the roadmap you need so there are no gaps between optimizing strategy execution and analytics!


Growth hacking achievements

At the end of the day, our growth hacking strategies need to produce results for you. Examples of what we can accomplish together include:

  • Take your brand to market and build an enterprise ABM system.
  • Turn your content marketing into an organic "growth flywheel".
  • Improve your SEO rankings so your business is found by the right prospects.
  • Automate your marketing efforts by implementing and managing your marketing CRM.
  • Redesign your website to achieve your company's goals by displaying the right content in the right way in the right place.

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Growth hacking strategy audit

To develop the best possible strategy for your business, we will use all available data and information. A high-level growth plan requires more than just forecasts; it also requires an understanding of how things have gone in recent years, as well as some educated guesses about what might happen next based on current trends (or lack thereof). With our specialized toolset, we are confident that we can work with your input - the business owner or the owner's representative - to develop strategies that fit the bill!
Go-to-market strength
Is there a clear vision of your company's growth priorities? Is it possible to identify the verticals or categories where you want to do more business and then find the appropriate products for those specific categories?  
Marketing team makeup
Have you identified the skills your team needs? What do you think is missing to make it all happen?  
Positioning & messaging
No matter how sophisticated your product is, it's only as good as the marketing behind it. Make sure what you offer is in line with who and where you are in the world today so people are more likely to buy from someone they trust - your company!  
Content marketing
What content needs to be created? Who will write the new posts, articles, etc., who are the subject matter experts in the field, and how can they best use their knowledge for this project.  
Website status
Are you sure traffic is being generated and tracked? Is there something that needs to be fixed to make conversions happen more often?  
Funnel discipline
Is your funnel leak-proof? Are you sure the sales process is running as smoothly and efficiently as it should, with no gaps or holes for potential customers to exploit?  
What are your current rankings in the search engines? Find out where the low-hanging SEO fruit is.  
Demand generation
What is being spent? Is the money being spent effectively and with the long-term goal in mind, or are we dependent on pay-to-play?  
Where should you invest?
Is there room for additional marketing investment? Where should additional resources be applied to have the greatest impact?  
What should you invest?
How much should you spend on marketing? We recommend a marketing budget based on our experience with dozens of Chinese companies.  
CMO recommendations
Based on our findings, we recommend a 90-day go-to-market plan that reflects how we would run your marketing function.  
Best-performing channels
Which channels offer the most value and the best opportunities for growth? Which should be increased? Or be reduced?  

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