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Growth Hacking Strategy

We help small Chinese companies with their international strategy and growth execution.

Growth hacking is an approach to expanding your business through very data-driven and structured marketing. In the end, it is all about knowing what your current bottlenecks are and how to remove them systematically. It sounds simple but keeping things simple is most often very challenging. We don't distract ourselves (and our clients) with work that doesn't contribute to the end goal. The key is having a structured approach and running experiments. This approach reduces your risks and makes sure you take action.

Without proper growth strategies, it is almost impossible to reach your company's full potential. Growth is tactical and needs to happen for the right reasons - this is why the use of a systematic approach is indispensable. So what could you benefit from it?

  • Improve your customer knowledge
  • Keep your team focused and aligned on the same goal
  • Have a strategic plan of action to reach your business growth.

Growth hacking consultancy

In the world of marketing, growth hacking is an umbrella term that can be used for strategies focused on rapid growth. It's typically applied in relation to early-stage startups who need massive increases in a short time frame with small budgets (think: lean startup methodology). The goal here isn't necessarily acquiring tons and tons of users or customers--it actually has more do with getting as many people onto your platform while spending little money at each step along the way; because you know what they say "more friends leads us into success." We'll help build out any roadmap needed so there are no gaps between strategy execution analysis optimization!


Want to find out how we can accelerate your growth?

Go-to-market strength
Are the growth priorities clear? Is there a clear vertical focus? Have you found product-market fit?  
Marketing team makeup
Do you have the relevant marketing skills being filled by members of your team? What needs to be filled first?  
Positioning & messaging
Are your product marketing, positioning, and messaging appropriate for the maturity of your market?  
Content marketing
What content already exists? What needs to be created? Are the SMEs on the team being leveraged for the right content?  

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