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    In this free SEO consultation, I’ll share with you your most valuable opportunities within Google, quick wins to beat your competition, and a killer long-term strategy – all for free!

  • Top 12 SEO Audit Checks and More

    Common issues I observe in my free SEO audit reports include:

    Title Tags

    Pages with title issues

    Meta Description Tags

    Pages with meta description issues

    Header Tags

    Keyword Map


    Total number of links pointing to your site


    Is your site secure?

    404 Errors​

    Your site's broken links

    XML Sitemap

    Does your site have a sitemap?

    Page Speed

    Your site's loading time

    Page Size

    Your homepage file size

    Image alt tags​

    Pages with linked images missing alt tags

    Low Content

    Pages with little content

  • My SEO Audit Approach

    My goal for any SEO audit is to tell you what's working, what's falling short and how you can improve your site to rank higher and generate more leads.

    SEO Audit Tool


    Get fast results on your website's health. Give me 24 hours to analyze your site

    Visual SEO Audit


    Get a clear picture of technical issues and keep track of all changes with detailed PDF and CSV reports

    Actionable SEO Audit


    Get immediate optimization recommendations that will improve the performance of your website

    Up-to-date SEO Audit


    Monitor your site health 24/7 and get your SEO audit reports on demand, not on occasion

  • Take Action With Your Free SEO Audit Report

    Top 3 benefits for you from my complimentary SEO audit:

    SEO Recommendations

    Your complimentary SEO audit will show you the exact areas that you need to focus on in order to increase the volume of your relevant website visitors. With labels ranging from low priority to high priority, you will know exactly where to focus your efforts.

    Performance Recommendations

    Your performance recommendations will cover all of the technical issues on your website. You will quickly learn if your images are too large or even if you have too much javascript on your website. Being able to identify and fix these issues will increase your performance from every channel.

    Free SEO Consultation

    You’ll get a free SEO consultation (Skype or WeChat) with me to discuss a solution for your SEOs issues. Knowing the problems that your site has in only half of the problem, I will walk you through a solution that fits your business objectives.

  • Free SEO Audit Service and Free SEO Consultation

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