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Website Information Architecture

Learn how a good website information architecture (IA) relates to better search engine page rankings.

Sometimes the results of an SEO campaign disappoint. You may have followed a checklist of steps and done everything you can think of to rank for a search term, only to find your website consistently lower in results. Your own SEO check doesn’t highlight the problem for you. So what’s going on?

Your website’s information architecture may be limiting the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. It’s a common problem, which is why I make it a point to evaluate a website's complete profile and look for architecture SEO problems before wasting time and money on other SEO techniques doomed to fail.

What Is Site Information Architecture?

Your IA is the way your site organizes content for readers. While your SEO strategies make it easier for search engines to find information, your IA design should focus on the needs of human users.

These are the common elements of website IA:

  • Site Navigation Tools: Menus, sitemaps, links to relevant pages
  • Page Types: Home pages, product categories, descriptions, posts
  • Content Organization: Placement of objects, story outlines, keyword placement

Users shouldn’t have to hunt for the information they need. Your site’s content should be presentable and easy to find with just a few clicks.

Why is Website IA important for SEO?

Search engines have become more sophisticated than ever. Users demand rewarding experiences, and complex algorithms select the sites most likely to deliver easily navigable results.

Problems with your information architecture damage your page rankings. For example, if a search engine recognizes duplicate content or confuses product categories, you might suffer penalties to your page rank.

How can you get a custom IA recovery plan?

As a part of’s five-step strategy to improve your page ranks, I evaluate the condition of your existing site with my standardized SEO audit checklist. This tool helps me to identify key problems with your information architecture related to your site’s performance.

After I find the trouble spots, we work together on your custom plan to augment your organic page rank. Contact me for a consultation, and let me show you what I can do for your business.

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