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The Best Social Media Management Tools for 2019

Is there a social media management tool that integrates with both Instagram and Weibo? 

Social media is an essential part of international content marketing strategies and tactics I develop for my clients. Especially since social media activity and engagement have a significant impact on SEO. To make my life as easy as possible, working with the best possible social media management tool is a must for me. So what are my criteria when selecting the best out of all the available social media management tools?

  1. content management: planning, creation, approval, and publishing
  2. publishing to all major global social media channels, including Instagram and Weibo
  3. social inbox to monitor (replies, comments) and engage
  4. analytics and reporting
In this post, in alphabetical order, I briefly review the best and widely known social media management platforms against the criteria just mentioned.

Agorapulse review

Agorapulse review 2019

To be frank, Agorapulse is one of my favorite social media management platforms. The pricing of Agorapulse is also reasonable. The only con for me, and I am only working with global-oriented clients is that it is supporting only Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. As a global digital marketer Weibo and WeChat are essential to monitor as well.

Buffer review

Buffer review 2019

I truly like Buffer's user interface. And Buffer is simply great at what it promises: planning, creation, approval, and publishing of content to Instagram and a few other channels. It does offer basic analytics. But there is no social inbox available. The greatest con to me is the lack of any integration with Weibo. With a total of 431 million monthly active users, Weibo cannot be ignored.

ContentCal review

ContentCal is not a full social media management tool. Instead, I would describe it as a social content management tool. ContentCal shines with helping you manage the social media content process: From planning and creating to approval, scheduling and publishing content.


  • publishing is limited to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • automatic publishing to Instagram is not yet available. Publishing requires the use of ContentCal's iOS app.
  • no tracking of replies and comments.
  • no analytics and reporting
ContentCal seems to make lots of progress though, so I do keep an eye on their development in 2019. And somehow I like the company, probably because it's one of the few European players in this market.

Hootsuite review

Hootsuite comes close, and it would have been my top bet. I said would.... They do offer a way to monitor your Weibo content, not to publish. That would have been okay for now. However Hootsuite does offer this through a partnership with KAWO. Trough KAWO you can then monitor Weibo from your Hootsuite. Downside, KAWO is very not to say extremely expensive.


There is nothing wrong with MavSocial. But what makes it unique and stand out? I honestly don't know.

MavSocial Review 2019

SocialPilot review

SocialPilot is close to what I'm looking for. It's got a pretty decent user interface. It does things right when it comes to social content scheduling, publishing. It does have a social inbox. And also analytics is addressed. It integrates with VK, Russia's largest social network. But no support for Weibo.....

SocialPilot review

Sprout Social review

Sprout Social is certainly a great tool, with a beautiful interface. Yet to be frank, in terms of functionality it is really similar to for example Agorapulse. So I'm in doubt whether the beauty of the interface is worth the relatively high price? If they would support integrations with Weibo and WeChat, no doubt it would be worth the higher price. But they don't.

Sprout Social Review 2019

Winner: SocialReport - my favorite tool

My winner is: SocialReport! It is the only western social media management tool that in addition to integrations with Facebook, Instagram and so on, also integrates with Weibo.

SocialReport - social media management platform


I hoped in 2019 the world of social media management tools would be more developed. However, East and West still appear to be separated. It is still strange as there so many brands that nowadays operate in both parts of the world. I would expect by now there would be a truly unified social media management platform.

The only one that comes close, is SocialReport. Even though not perfect yet, SocialReport is the social media management tool I work with on a daily basis.

Best Social Media Management Tools for 2019
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