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Strikingly Website Builder Review

China's best website builder software

Strikingly is a website builder that differs from others like Squarespace, Wix, and Duda. is an unusual website builder with a focus on designing mobile-friendly single-page websites. Having said that – it's not as limiting as many of you might think. Strikingly still allows you to add image and video galleries, a blog, custom forms, even e-commerce. Strikingly is a robust website builder that is perfect for people designing smaller sites or who need a user-friendly interface. More advanced enterprise users may want to look elsewhere, however, read my full Strikingly review before you do.

What Strikingly is not

As you can also read from other reviews, Strikingly has much fewer functions than most well-known website builder platforms like Wix and others. It offers limited options for customization. With fewer template choices, there is a serious lack of theme customization. For most themes, you can only set one custom color for the website (if you upgrade to Pro plan) but you can’t easily customize font colors, font sizes, border colors, background images and other settings.

What Strikingly is: China's best website builder platform

Chief executive officer (CEO) David Haisha Chen, chief technology officer (CTO) Dafeng Guo, and chief design officer (CDO) Teng Bao founded the company in 2012. Strikingly released its beta website builder platform in late 2012. In 2013, Strikingly became the first Chinese company to graduate from the Y Combinator seed accelerator in Mountain View. That year Strikingly raised a total of $1.5M in seed round from 16 investors, including Ron Conway, founder of SV Angel, and other prominent venture capital firms including Y Combinator, Index Ventures, ZenShin Capital, and Innovations Works. In August 2017, the 5 year old startup announced it had raised $6M in a Series A round of investment from CAS Holding, Infinity Venture Partners, Innovation Works, Kevin Hale and TEEC. As of today Strikingly company is headquartered in Shanghai.

Mobile first

The company takes a mobile-first approach, allowing users to create websites that are enhanced for viewing across all devices including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. One of the great aspects about Strikingly is that all their themes are responsive. This means that when you create a website with Strikingly, it will look and perform equally week on any device including smartphones and tablets.

Naturally, single page sites are ideal for a mobile device. Strikingly allows you to design your mobile site with touch-friendly menus that jump between sections, thus allowing easy navigation.

The simple fact that Strikingly websites are one deep page is a plus for mobile—they don't have to contact the server repeatedly to fetch separate pages. It is all simply a thoughtful design of mobile navigation.


Integrate with mailchimp, google maps, ecwid and others.

Search engine friendly

Strikingly web pages are easy to optimize for SEO. The websites can be easily optimized for search engines. You can optimize the single-page site with Meta tags and keywords. The website builder also includes built-in SEO features.

Modern technology

What many people may not realize is that Strikingly and platform are using the latest technologies. It is built on the VUE.JS framework.


One the pros of Strikingly is the live text support. The level of knowledge of the support staff is very decent. And if they dont have the answer, they live up to their promise: within 24hrs they get an answer to you by email. If you use SXL (for your Chinese website), the WeChat support is available in English and provides you with instant replies as well. For most non-Chinese users this means they might need to install the WeChat app first.

Access to China

Strikingly websites are hosted on international servers outside mainland China. Because of the overseas hosting of the domain, a Strikingly website ideally targets an audience outside China. If you want to reach mainland China, either with a Chinese website or English (or whatever) it is better to run it on SXL, the sister-platform of Strikingly. SXL can host your site both outside (no ICP license needed) or on a mainland (ICP required) server.


Strikingly is a website builder that stands out from the crowd thanks to its ease of use. It includes a solid number of options (blog, e-commerce) without being overwhelming. Yet, what makes it truly China's best website builder platform is the way it puts mobile first, it makes use of the latest technologies, that it is great for SEO, and most of all it gives you the world's best option to target both China and the Rest of World.

I, Frans Buikema (SEO359) am a true Strikingly specialist and a pioneer in Strikingly SEO. Contact me for making your Strikingly website a better website and most of all get better rankings for it.

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