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International SEO strategy

How Chinese global brands like Xiaomi and DJI created a winning SEO strategy

Chinese global brands

The China government more than a decade ago initiated the Go Out policy. At first, the Chinese state-owned enterprises went global. But in recent years, urged by China, private brands and tech start-ups are more and more going global.

The top 5 Chinese global brands in 2018 include Lenovo, Huawei, Alibaba, Xiaomi and Air China, as the government urges its companies to ‘go global’, according to new research.

Many of China’s brands are championing President Xi Jinping’s 2013 ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ initiative, answering China’s clarion call for a new era of globalisation in what has been called the biggest development push in history.

Despite making significant headway, there remain challenges ahead for Chinese brands. three key focus areas to help improve Chinese brand awareness:

  1. Limited awareness in the way of a brand’s global acceptance – Regarded as the number one barrier that needs to be overcome if brands are to ‘go global’. Increasing brand awareness among the targeted segments will continue to be the top priority.
  2. Perception of trust still needs to be improved – While many younger consumers regard Chinese brands as innovative, there remains some uncertainty about quality. Many brands have an excellent reputation for producing quality products and need to communicate this better in order to change consumer perception.
  3. Lack of brand-building investment – Smaller brands are learning from those appearing in the Top 50 Brand Power rankings that a commitment to marketing investments is key to success, and that these decisions need to be driven by local-level understanding of both markets and consumer. Brands should sharpen their focus on the most effective media channels and deploy stronger, more impactful advertising campaigns.

Baidu SEO does not work overseas

Take a look at China's Top 100 most valuable brands , published annually by BrandZ and you probably recognize several brands that have gained popularity in Europa and the U.S. Lenovo, Huawei, Alibaba.

Yet there are many companies, and yes they are sizable companies with an existing international division, on this list that do not even have an English website. They are successful in doing their Baidu SEO and get huge amounts of organic traffic from Baidu and other mainland search engines, but get zero organic traffic from overseas.

Rising stars with a winning international SEO strategy

Yet, there are upcoming brands doing very well with their international websites. Three are highlighted here: DJI, Xiaomi and Oppo.

Mi global home (Xiaomi)

If I review the Mi Global Home website, I see lots of good signs of international search engine optimization.

International SEO strategy - Mi Global Home

DJI made a great move in acquiring an easy to recognize and remember international domain name, How DJI Has Positioned Itself as the Apple of Drones and Now Dominates the Market



Though there are some Chinese brands doing a great job on international SEO, most of them need serious help with creating their international SEO strategy.

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