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benefits plytix pim tool
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The Benefits of the Plytix PIM Tool for GAUDEA Mosaics

Plytix is a so-called PIM tool. PIM stands for Product Information Management. PIM solutions provide customers with consistent access to detailed and relevant product information. A central, overarching, electronic repository for product information. SEO359 is an official Plytix partner and implements the Plytix PIM tool for its Chinese customers.


GAUDEA MOSAICS is a manufacturer and seller of mosaic tiles from Foshan in China. They have a wide range of stylish, high quality yet affordable mosaic tiles. Dozens of new designs are launched every month. But how to show all these beautiful tiles to the international audience? Currently, product data is stored in messy Excel files and images come in all sorts of formats.

The solution

SEO359 implemented Plytix for GAUDEA MOSAICS in less than a week. We created a solid set of product attributes and a standardized way to name and format product images. About 500 different products are now beautifully presented in the B2B online catalog created with the Plytix tool. New customers can easily browse the catalog, download PDF catalogs and request a quote.


After struggling with this for years, the sales team at GAUDEA MOSAICS now has:

  • A single source of truth for their product content. With the PIM Plytix tool, they can create, enrich and distribute product content and information in one place.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity. No more updating Excel, preparing Excel spreadsheets for each new client and using tools like WETRANSFER to share product images. Now customers can serve them themselves by using the online B2B catalog.
  • The quality of the product content has been improved and is appreciated by the existing and new customers. The images and product information look stunning and beautiful in the Plytix Brand Portal.

Within a few weeks of implementation, the GAUDEA Mosaics sales team was able to close the first new sales with new customers who had visited the new website and B2B catalog.