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  • Top Chinese brands going global

    but still most lack an SEO optimized international website.

    China's Go Global Policy

    China's Go Global Policy

    Redefining "Made in China"

    While companies the world over compete for a piece of China's populous market, start-ups headquartered in China want to conquer not just the domestic field, but also to come out on top worldwide.


    It's an ambitious move that economists say will upgrade the country's position in the global value chain.


    The trend comes at a time that an increasing number of private companies, such as Alibaba and Tencent, are taking the lead in the latest phase of the "China Going Out Policy", initiated at the turn of the century to increase the country's outbound investment by encouraging companies to go abroad. Promote brand recognition of Chinese companies in the EU and US markets, is a crucial goal given by the Chinese government.

    Xiaomi success story

    China's international success stories

    DJI, Huawei, Xiaomi and NIU

    Xiaomi is a Chinese success story, and perhaps the most aspirational tech brand to emerge from the country to-date. Huawei didn’t just go west. It went global. Read here how. NIU, the Chinese electric scooter brand, went public on the Nasdaq in October (2018) and is rapidly internationalizing its websites. So yes, there are numerous success stories.

    Top Chinese brands

    But many great ambitious Chinese companies lagging behind

    SMEs lack professional international online presence

    One of my observations on the China Going Global trend is the difference between ambition and capacity. Having noted there are numerous success stories, it must be pointed out that the majority of big mainland companies lack a decent international website. In most cases, such companies simply don't have the human resources to implement an English website and for sure not to work on foreign SEO.

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