SEO359 helps Chinese SMEs to target an international audience: generate leads, improve user engagement, raise brand visibility, and increase sales.


Frans Buikema founded SEO359. He has spent long times in China working on several digital projects with Chinese companies. Back in Amsterdam, he realized many Chinese SMEs have such a big potential if they could make the step to sell to an overseas audience.

He identified what they need the most:

  1. A perfect online presence that meets the demands of the global shopper and buyer
  2. Assistance with digital marketing targeted at an international audience.

He came up with the idea to bundle both in an all-in-one solution, offered as a monthly package.

Nowadays, together with a small remote team of specialists, they help several Chinese SMEs to sell overseas with success. They act as an extension to the client's team in China and provide ongoing assistance throughout their global growth journey.

SEO359 built a stunning set of Strikingly websites for SYIL. The Strikingly SEO efforts made a big difference, resulting in page one rankings for a dozen of high volume keywords. The concept of providing visitors with an instant quote calculator generates dozen valuable sales leads from around the world, every day. We thought it would be impossible for a Chinese manufacturer to rank among top American and European brands in Google. But SEO359 made it possible." - Xushuo (CEO of SYIL Machine Tools Co., Ltd.)


Discover the pillars of our bundled eCommerce platform and Digital Marketing solution. Consider them our areas of expertise:

  • Consulting & Research
  • Strikingly & SXL
  • Magento Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Commerce


Originally we focussed on helping Chinese companies with search engine optimization for Google, to get organic traffic from overseas. This where the SEO part came from. And 359 refers to our belief that we always aim for a holistic approach when serving our customer, like a 360degrees view. At the same time, we are still human, strive for the best, but nobody is perfect. So we felt 359 fits us better than 360.


Our principal office is in beautiful Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A vibrant city, with a long history with China.

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