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Welcome to SEO359, the Amsterdam-based growth agency for Chinese businesses with global ambitions.


We believe in small Chinese companies with global ambitions

We are an Amsterdam-based growth agency that helps Chinese businesses achieve their revenue goals by following a core strategy of marketing, sales enablement and technology. We also focus heavily on hacking techniques to increase traffic for our clients' websites or apps.

We believe in leveraging what is already working well while experimenting with new strategies as needed so you don't have any limitations when it comes time for launching your product/service onto global markets! In short, as a growth hacking agency our scope comprises of the following services:


Growth Hacking Strategy

We are a creative company that offers growth strategies to help Chinese companies with global ambitions succeed. We listen and then take action, working closely in tandem to formulate your strategy for the best possible success of both parties as we use our expertise on digital marketing such as SEO or social media management among other things. We're Growth Hackers. We find ways to grow your company with our strategies that fit you and the look of success, no matter what phase it is in its lifecycle.


Global Website Realization


In order to succeed in this competitive market, you need a web platform that is flexible and capable. We'll carefully analyze your business model so we can formulate an ecosystem that matches it perfectly for success on both local and global scales! Some manufacturers may be better off with SEO-optimized websites while others will require advanced technologies like PWA's (Progressive Websites). Our team helps select what’s best suited according to individual needs – don't worry about making the wrong choice because our experts are here 24/7 ready to provide guidance at any time.


Growth Marketing Campaigns

Our growth marketing campaigns will help you grow your business. We do this by mixing traditional strategies with new technologies and data-driven methods like A/B testing, AI automation, SEO optimization analysis of user experience dynamics ad creation to create low-cost-effective tactics that are tailored for each client's individual needs!

Ready to amplify your growth?

We're an Amsterdam-based growth marketing agency providing end-to-end growth and digital marketing services to Chinese startups, brands, and manufacturers. SEO359 offers Chinese SMEs all the tools needed to sell outside China and get more sales orders. A Shopify store, a Magento PWA, or a HubSpot CMS-powered website combined with a suite of digital marketing services. We help you grow your business.